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Show Me Great Danes

Midwest Great Dane Breeder


Our Mission

At Show Me Great Danes we pride ourselves in producing happy, healthy, and quality puppies. Our Danes are home-raised and are treated as members of our family. We complete full OFA health testing and all-allele color testing on our breeding dogs before breeding them and make pairing selections that compliment and improve upon their conformation and characteristics. All of our adults and puppies are well socialized with adults, children, cats and other dogs and training starts at an early age. We strive to ensure our puppies are well rounded and ready for their new lives by the time they leave our home. We use the puppy culture program, work on crate, leash and obedience training and most pups are fully potty pad trained by the time they leave. We offer lifetime breeder support, from a veterinary driven breeding program run by a breeder who has worked in the field for over 14 years. We have a deep love for the Great Dane breed and know that you will too. Welcome to the family!

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More About Us

Show Me Great Danes is a small in-home breeder located just outside the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri in Alton, Illinois. We focus on one-on-one, hands on care with every single puppy we produce. In order to accomplish this, we keep our breeding stock minimal and try to only raise one litter at a time. We home our puppies to all surrounding states including Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa. However, we are more than happy to place our pups with any great home in any state across the US and Canada! If you are unable to retrieve your puppy personally, we can offer ground shipping with a reliable, licensed and insured animal transport company. 

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The Great Dane

The Great Dane is truly a breed to love! These gentle giants are loyal, goofy and always aim to please. They come in a variety of coat colors and sizes and as a breed, they have a personality all their own. With their impressive size, there is no shortage of health risks or expense  involved in their care and it is important to do your research and be prepared before adding one to your family. For more information on this amazing breed including health, general care, temperament, history and more, please visit the AKC breed page.

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